So I've been reflecting on the last 10 months of weight loss and how far I've come. I have a long road ahead of me but I'm very confident with God's help my fitness goals will be reached. I started my weight loss journey on April 16th 2008. I weighed in at 455lbs. The highest weight I had ever been at. Using the tools shown to me by First Place 4 Health and I now weigh 369lbs. My short term goal is to lose another 14lbs by April 16th 2009. I want to be able to say I lost 100lbs. the first year, doing it the right way. Eating healthy and exercising. With dedication and the reassurance of my family and First Place 4 Health bible study group, I will continue to loss the weight and grow closer to God in the process.

If your struggling with your weight and need some support, we should talk. It isn't easy to change and I know that. Without the support of others and a strong relationship with God I would be depressed and unhealthy. If you want to make a change I'd be honored to share what I have learned. I need a workout partner too.

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