Benefit & Consequence

I've been thinking about Health and Fitness the last week, as I ate large plates of Thanksgiving food and leftovers. I'm sure many of you are still working on the leftovers wondering if this cycle of over indulgence will ever end. I got on the scale today and I'm feeling like something has to give. All too often we find the treats and temptation so enticing. We get pulled  into the "delight and satisfaction" they bring, for a time. Those treats continue to call our name and for some of us we give in. I personally found myself looking at the Benefits and Consequences of my actions this week.
My clothes are tighter, and that's not a benefit. The only benefit I could see from indulging was I didn't feel deprived. I enjoyed some great food with my family and we had a wonderful time together. But, as always I became tired and sluggish. I've skipped a few workouts and we haven't even hit Christmas yet. YIKES!
I had a conversation with a good friend this past week about Benefits & Consequences. 
We won't stop doing anything until we believe the consequences out weigh the benefits. For some this happens when the Dr. says you now have a medical condition and you need to do something less or differently. At that point many decide to change. The consequences to your actions have too high of a price, so your adjust. Smoking, Drinking, Poor Diet, Lack of Fitness, Illness, to name a few are some things that make us evaluate the benefits and consequences of our choices. Everyone knows smoking is bad. It will kill you! But for many the benefits of smoking continues to hold more value then the consequences. 
For me this struggle is with my food choices. I know those cookies hold no nutritional value but they make me feel so good, for a time. Some weeks the consequences of my food choices hold little value. I'm stressed so I give up. I dive into that container of cookies like there is no tomorrow. Maybe you can relate. As we continue through this season I encourage you to reflect on the Benefits and Consequences of your choices. You just might experience a shift in how you view those consequences. I know this morning they are on my mind.

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