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CSI Registration Form

Just click the image to load the PDF version of the registration form. You will need to bring One bag of Candy, Dark Powder Makeup and a large makeup brush. Borrow these or pick some up at the dollar tree. These will be used for a finger printing game.

Nashville NYWC

It's coming in just 4 short weeks. I'll be at the national youth workers convention. I'm very excited about daily worship, with 4000 other youth workers. Adults that get me and understand exactly what I go through and experience. I love it. It's such a rejuvenating time for me. It helps me refocus my ministry every year.

Car Trouble $$$$

The car needed some repairs. We had to borrow enough cash to get it done. We also had to raid the Christmas money. Oh well, at least the kids will get a safe ride this winter. What more can you ask for.

Specs: Bad front wheel bearing and thrashed brakes. Had to replace the rotors and pads. The car needs more work but this should tide us over for the winter.

Yes We Can

I love this video.

What am I up to, Today?

Well, I uploaded the sermon from yesterday. Check it out below.

I also did some research on our upcoming CSI lock-in, Nov. 7th 9am-5pm. I reviewed my job description for the Staff Relations committee and I fired off some e-mails. I also managed to talk with a student today. I'll probably begin working on the visual media for worship this week.
We have our annual Totenfest service coming up and I created some custom graphics for that this morning as well.

Winter Retreat 2009

We have had alot of talk about what we will be doing and where we will be going. We will be spending three days at the Clocktower in Rockford. We will have access to the water park. We will also be going to Laser Quest, Showplace 16 and Ice Skating.

CSI Lock-in Revived!

We are planning a CSI lock-in for Friday November 7th from 9am-5pm. This will be an all day lock-in. The entire group will work together to solve a "CRIME"! Should be fun.