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Today’s the Day

Let me bring you up to speed on my biggest obstacle to date. For the last few months I’ve been dealing with a back injury. My MRI shows one degenerative, one herniated and one bulging disc all clumped together in my lower lumbar region. To be quite honest my weight loss journey hit a massive road block. My mind refused to accept my current situation and I slipped. I started eating poorly and my motivation went straight out the window. I see people around me succeeding at there weight loss and physical fitness efforts and I’m jealous. Some days are better than others for me but just standing for 15 minutes starts to aggravate my back. I spend most of my time working at my computer or watching TV. To be honest I wanted control back. I wanted to run, lift weights, do Zumba and other workouts with my groups. Instead I’m worried about what happens if I do too much. I moved a little table with Kya on Sunday and I was hurting all day. It really plays with your mind. Especially since it took …