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FHN Get Fit Challenge


Kirsten and I went for our first health screening. My Cholesterol was 155. The lady said that was very good. The other stuff just proved I was fat so nothing I couldn't tell them.


I got a great deal on this beauty. It cost me a pound of flesh though.

Winter Retreat ( Day 3)

Well we finished breakfast and the kids are in the pool for the last time. We will have lunch and then head out to the movie theater to see Mall Cop. That should be a funny movie. We will be hitting McDonalds on the way home and hopefully we will be able to have everything wrapped up by 9pm. I'm looking forward to the Obama inauguration tomorrow.

Morning, I'm so soar!

I gave the kids a txt this morning to let them know we were headed to the gym. We just finished working out. I couple of kids got up to join us. A bunch of us are now in the business center working on the computer.

Winter Retreat (First Day)

We are having an awesome time. The retreat has been a blast. All the kids are behaving themselves and getting along surprisingly well. We were at the mall today and the kids had fun goofing off and shopping. We stopped at Walmart and bought supplies together and just had some great laughs. We got to the ClockTower and spent some time working out together in the gym. The kid enjoyed that a lot. Then we played Marko Polo in the pool. We also had chicken fights for a little bit. We ended the evening with some prayer and Guided Meditation. This has to be the best first day of any retreat I have ever been one. video

Above is a video i found that helps to explain how the Nutrimirror website works and what it can do for you. The website is free. I've been using it to log my meals and exercise for three days now and I have to tell you, it's perfect. It gives me the info I want and it's easy to log my food. I can do it anywhere because its online. I'll use it while I'm on vacation in April.
I was looking for a website that was similar to I liked what it offered but after using it for a month I got tired of all the general database figures that weren't quite right. I had to guess a lot and that left doubt as to how well I was actually doing. With, now I know.

I just joined They help you keep track of your food intake. I like the User Interface and it lets me enter in the items that I eat on a regular basis. I've used MyPyramidTracker for several weeks and this website takes it a step further and gives the user more options. Check it out by clicking on the image below.

Gross Food Fued Video

Motorola SurfBoard Modem

These things are junk. I had one for a couple of months and it died on me. It was under warranty so I sent it back. They sent me a different model # because the one I had was discontinued. I had that one for a couple of months and I was sure it was an issue with my cable. Well I was wrong. The new modem died. We had Comcast out and they said everything was ok but the modem was working too hard. What ever that means. When it stopped working completely last night I talked with Motorola and they are sending me another device to "try". Oh joy. I went to Comcast this morning to rent a modem. I'll hang on to it for awhile. Comcast is renting us an RCA unit by Thompson.


I'm not sure why comcast service is so spotty. I have to reset my modem all the time. They are coming out to check my lines monday. Hopefully they will correct the issue.