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Walking the Talk

Have you ever told your friends what they need to do to succeed but continue to fail at following your own advice. It’s not easy to succeed with weight loss. Even when we know how to do it. Emotions and bad old habits get in our way. The last few months have been quite the challenge for me. I have no excuses for my lack of focus. I need to work past the emotions I’m struggling with and I need to find that accountability I once had. My last two blog entries really speak to me but that fire inside to make changes seems to burn out by dinner time. I need your prayers. Please pray that I find the focus I once had for being healthy. Please pray that I stop allowing my physical limitations to dictate my weight loss success. This back injury is just another obstacle in my way. God will give me the strength to over come this obstacle. Pray that I continue to “expect a miracle”. My mind has been under attack by my old dark habits and I’m giving in. That scares me more than I can say in words. …