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Eckert Family Light Out Week

So our Lights out week is about to start. Kirsten and I have been talking about this for a long time. Almost two years. We plan to unplug everything electronic and not use anything that runs on batteries as well. There may be times we use the car but our goal is to keep those times to a minimum. I won’t be able to figure out my calorie burn or watch biggest loser but I’m excited about spending time away from the distractions. I’m looking forward to cooking all our meals on the open fire. Our diets will be a little crazy and my journaling will be done old school (pen and paper) I’ll have to figure out how well I did on Easter Sunday. That will be the first time we turn everything back on. Our plan is to do this for seven days. It will be like camping (not my favorite). I’m hoping my kids enjoy the time together. We will be avoiding processed foods too. Kirsten and I are trying to make the experience like it would have been at the turn of the century. Kya was telling me the stuff she li…