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RSS added to Facebook

I just added an RSS link to my blog. Every new blog post should show up on my FaceBook page. We shall see.

Keyboards Don't Drink Coffee

Kirsten decided to see if my new keyboard likes coffee. She never uses my computer but tonight she decided to use it and share her coffee with my keyboard. How nice of her. One of the kids came running saying mom spilt coffee on your keyboard. Needless to say daddy was not very happy. I spent about an hour dismantling it and drying every component. It still works fine.

The Master Blaster

I just won this blaster on Ebay. It is compatible with the youth groups new Pheonix LazerTag system. I can also host special matches with this Blaster.

Nerf Vulcan Burn Up Your Toy MOD!


Kya and I were outside for well over an hour shoveling out of the blizzard. We got over 10 inches of snow last night.

The Snow is Coming!

I just read that we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow tonight. I guess that means we will have a white Christmas this year. I can't wait to build some snowmen with the kids.

Lazer Tag

I remember Lazertag from the 80's it was so slick it worked awesome and it was really expensive. I remember playing at a rich friends house. Thanks Robert!
I've tried several different laser tag games but they all break really fast and they are so complicated. Until now.

Say hello to The Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX. This Lazer Tag game is made by the same manufacturers of the old lazer tag I remember. The youth group will get to test them out in the next few days. Should be fun.

The Wind is not my Friend

We had some wind the other night and our storm door on the side of the house decided to become a sail. The door caught the wind and torn all the hardware apart. I had to pick up some parts and fix the door today. Everything went quite smoothly. The door now works perfectly.

Business card samples for my dad.

Just click on each image to see a bigger sample.

For Helix Youth

Please watch this video about our new laser tag equiptment.

Our Success

Many of you know I've struggled with my weight and health for several years now. I was pretty sure nothing was going to change. Then one day on my daughters preschool door was a sign for the First place 4 Health faith based weight loss program. I was compelled to sign up and give it a try (like most diets I've been on). Kirsten my wife decided she wanted to join as well. I was really excited to see what the Lord had in store for us on this journey.
Kirsten and I have each lost more than 60 lbs each. She is looking great. I know I look better and feel better. I can't wait to see what I look like in another year. This program has helped us refocus our eating habits. We have now put an emphasis on God being first when it comes to what we eat. I believe Kirsten and I always had an emphasis of God being first in most of our life but the food part was mine. I never really gave what I ate or how much I ate a lot of thought. Now I get to meet with a wonderful group of loving people…

Merry Christmas ( to me ! )

Kirsten and I were talking about what we wanted to get each other for Christmas. We received a few gift cards and reserved some of the money so we each could get a gift for one another. We haven't done that in several years. We agreed $20 was the limit and She found this cool tea cup and infuser. She ordered some sampler teas as well. I'm really excited to give it a try on Christmas morning. Can't wait.

If your still wondering what to get me for Christmas check out these two tea websites. I love to try any of the loose teas they offer.
Ocean of Tea and Adagio Tea