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Day Off!

Today is my day off. I was woken by two kids fighting and one of them said she had to puke. Then my oldest girl decided she wanted to stay home too. I'm hoping they feel better before the bus comes. I never got to stay home because I felt "bad". I had to be puking or something. I'm hoping to have a quite day at home. Maybe.

Amazing Race Lock-in

Tomorrow we will be running our second annual Amazing Race. It's been a lot of work but we are ready for a great day.

Knight Rider is AWESOME!!!!!

If you haven't seen the new knight rider you need to click on the image above and watch the new episode. They are releasing the new episodes one week early online. I watched the new episode today and I had goose bumps for the first 15 minutes. I was blown away. I'm loving this new show. It is by far my favorite TV series of all time. If you have no idea what the show is like, Imagine a mash up of Transformers and 007. Gadgets, Cars, Girls and action. AWESOME! Only dislike was the subway scene. Looked fake, but forgivable.

New Sermon Format

Sunday School a HUGE hit!

This week we had lots of kids in our Sunday School classes. I'm happy to see everyone hanging out with us and learning about God. My class made art pieces of the Garden of Eden. We had a great time.

New Blog Look

So give me your honest opinion, Do you like the new post look?

Kick Me

In school as a child I remember kids snickering at me and laughing at me. Some brave kids would walk up and kick me for no reason. After awhile I figured out something was up. I pulled my shirt and saw a sign that said kick me. Those school days are long gone but somehow I still feel like life puts a kick me sign on my back. This week church was fantastic but other areas of my like keep kicking me. I wish it was just a simple piece of paper I could remove from my back. Things were much simpler back then. I'm very disappointed and discouraged with a situation at home. My wife and I could use your prayers.

October Youth Calendar

Here it is. The most requested calendar yet!

New Wallpaper

This is the a background I designed for my computer repair work. If you ever have me repair your computer, when you get it back you will see this as your desktop background.

Labor Day Fun

I went in to the church today and spent several hours painting and designing art for the 7th & 8th grade room as well as the youth lounge. I'm working on some Andy Warhol style art for the walls.