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So it’s after midnight and I’ve been awake thinking about winter retreat and all the other events that are coming in the next few months. I was thinking about how I need a challenge to lose 40 more pounds. I’m already planning my menu for the next three plus months. I’m figuring out my workout routines and looking forward to dropping those pounds. Many of you know that our local GetFit challenge has turned into an infinite weight loss program. I really need the challenge to get me competitive and excited to workout all the time. So I created, with the help of my Christ First Friends, the GodFit Challenge. It will last three months and I’ve tied it to our Christ First program. I’m really ready to step it up. The holidays have taken there toll on me. As I consider all the other things I’m looking forward to I can see where the anticipation is keeping me awake. I have an amazing group of Middle School kids. We are hosting an after school program for 20+ youth each Thursday from 3-5pm. It…