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Point Pleasant


Wal-Mart Rocks!

Walmart gave $120,000.00 for Freeport Taxi and Bus services. We needed it and Walmart showed us the money. You rock! It's just another reason why Walmart is such a blessing to our community. Now Menards needs to step up the plate.

Trip Pics

Sunday before we left Freeport.

Enjoying Bee Pez.

Nana's Easter Egg Hunt.

Bad Back = No Sleep

It's midnight and we are in Pensylvania. Last night we stayed at the holiday inn express and the accomadations were very nice. I only had one prolem. I usually sleep most of the night in my recliner due to comfort issues. Well, I usually make due at hotels with the nice couch in the room. Unfortunately there was no couch in the room. Only a little chair. So I didn't sleep. Tonight the kids and Kirsten are sawing logs and I can't sleep because the quality in we are at has no couch just a chair in the room aswell. Needless to say this will be a long night for me but atleast everyone is having a good time. I'm looking forward to sleeping on my parents recliner or sofa. I wish my back would coopperate and let me get some sleep.

Big Man Down!

Well, We have had a great trip so far. The drive was pleasant and their have been no arguments. We spent some time at the hotel pool tonight and that was also fun. What wasn't so fun was how I splashed the tile floor in the breezeway outside of the pool area. Wet feet and tile = slippery floor. I have a scrape on my foot but all things considered the beginning of our trip has been great.

He is Risen!

I'm at church this morning, tired and ready for vacation. We leave for NJ following the worship service this morning. Watch my blog daily to se what we are up to each day.

Google SketchUp

I've been thinking about how to change my office and make it more inviting. I decided to jump into Google SketchUp and learn the 3D Modeling Software. This is what I came up with to help people at church understand what my vision for the space is. I'm planning on paying for all the changes to the space myself so it would most likely take a year before I had it looking like the rendering.Click on image for full view.

Comcast E-mail

So I made the final changes to my account today and my new E-mail address is now

Narnia Widget

NJ Vacation

We are going to be on vacation next week and we are very excited about the trip. I found this motel sign when I typed in Howell NJ my hometown. It is so funny because this place was "low rent" and its sign is the only pic I recognized on the web of Howell NJ.

Not So Locked In May 24th

Parents: Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Lock-in. It will be an all day event on May 24th. The new Narnia film will be released the weekend before and we will be going to see it in the theater on May 24th. That's why its called the "Not so locked in" lock-in. Below you will find the trailer to this movie. Please take a look.

I strongly encourage you to introduce your children to the C.S. Lewis Narnia collection of books. I recently completed reading Prince Caspian with my family and we can't wait to see the film.

Cool Car

Nike designers have come up with this concept car. It is a single seater and it looks really cool. I want to know if it is a hybrid or Flexfuel.

Stealth Fighter Retires

The Stealth fighter is flying its final flight and is being replaced by the F-22 Raptor. I loved this thing. It was cool to look at in person. Here's to all you did that we knew absolutely nothing about.

Air Vortex

This would add some interesting fun to our next youth ministry Nerf battle. I want one.

New Youth Calendar

I just finished the April Youth Calendar. Check it out!

Click Image

Zarafina Tea Suite

You all know how much I love my tea. This tea pot brews your tea to perfection. That would be awesome to have for the office.


Ok this guy took an old soda dispenser and his computer and modded them together. He loves Mountain Dew and wanted to represent while playing his PC. I love the fact that he made this himself and it looks supper sweet. The computer is a nice gaming rig too.

My day off!

It's a lazy day for me today. I have no plans and I'm just hanging out. Tuesdays are my day to just kick back and try to worry about nothing, at least not ministry stuff anyway. I try very hard not to do any work on Tuesdays. Sometimes I have a meeting or I start working on youth projects but i do try to keep it a ministry free days. I "Try".