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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I downloaded this demo from the PS3 the other night and I have to say, This game rocks! I love running thru the hallway tossing storm troopers out of my way. I will definitely be reviewing this game after it releases in a few weeks.

Equal Exchange

Many of you know that the Helix Youth Ministry just added Equal Exchange coffee, tea and chocolate to our year long fundraiser. I love brewing coffee for our congregation to sample and this year we have taken that one step further. We are now providing the coffee for our fellowship time ( Coffee Hour). It's our way of giving back to those who have supported our youth ministry and the farmers who grow the coffee bean crop. Doing the right thing has never tasted so good. You're in for a real treat if you usually drink Folgers or one of the other main coffee varieties. The coffee we will be donating is shade grown (to protect the rain forests) and it is Organic (no pesticides). It is also Fairly Traded.

Youth Ministry Salary

Kirsten admitted that she was worrying about bills again. We live a very blessed life but money is always super tight. When I say super tight I mean we only have $25 for the next two weeks till payday. This really doesn't bug me much because I know God will provide what we need. Kirsten (The Accountant) worries constantly. She occasionally shares that she wished we had a savings account (with $ in it). Several things I have to share with other candidates for Youth Ministry.

Be OK with being fiscally challenged (POOR!).
Tell your spouses that you will be poor (money wise).
Make sure your spouse can handle that harsh reality.
Don't be afraid of LINK cards (food stamps), you will be using them.
Be OK with government health care, You can't afford your own policy.
Pray that your spouse gets a great job, if she is the CEO of the house (House Wife, Mom) she does the most important job for free. If only more parents stayed home to raise their children.

Have lots of Kids, Family is what w…


Our camping trip was pretty good. I'm not a camper so pretty good from me is a great compliment. Enough said!

September Calendar

As you can see we are scheduled to have an all day lock-in on September 27th. It will be an all new Amazing Race. Kirsten and I have begun the process of planning this awesome event. I can't wait. If you would like to print this calendar just click on the image and the full version will load.

Uncharted Review

I've been excited to try this video game for the last couple of months. After I played MGS4 I heard about this game and I just needed to schedule the time to play it. I picked it up this week and thoroughly enjoyed the first 17 levels of the game. Then things got weird. The Zombies were released. I was on the run from them and they were quite nasty. I played for about 15 minutes with the zombies slaughtering me and then I shut the game off. I know I could have beaten them but I wasn't even interested. The zombies ruined this awesome game for me. I watched the final cut scenes online. The story ending was weak. If you don't mind battling monsters pick this one up. I really enjoyed the tactical shooter parts of the game and the hand to hand combat was fun as well. Puzzles were easy. I'm a sniper guy so getting to use a sniper rifle half way thru was a real treat. Give this one a try, its definately worth the price of a rental.