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I found this thing from Wild Planet. It is a spy trap that launches foam balls when the sensor detects movement. Way cool!

Irritable and Impressed

I'm very irritable today. Not exactly sure why but I'm just super cranky.

I saw this on the web and found it a great way to recycle some old foam. I might make a few of these ear bud holders. They would be good for my other computer cables too!

True HEPA Air Purifier

The way my allergy to dust is I definitely needed to get another air purifier. I have a small one in my room and we picked this one up for the living room where our dog spends most of his time. We wanted to do something built into the Heating and air conditioning but it was way too pricey. This unit filters the air in our living room and kitchen five times and hour.


So Kalel couldn't stop talking about his obsession, Motorcycles. This kids talks about them all day long. So tonight when I was watching Extreme Makeover I saw this awesome electric motorcycle. It's not cheep but if I have my way it will be his first motorcycle.

Show Me the Money!

So I guess the government wants us to spend more money. If they want me to spend it, they better be handing it out. Guess what they are. I'm hoping everything goes through congress and we get a fat check in the mail. That would be sweet!

Report Card

So yesterday my daughter came home from school with her report card. Academically she is doing very well, No surprise there. She does have a problem thinking before she speaks. I know right now my dad is laughing (at me). Kirsten and I had a long talk with her about it and she promised to work to fix it. Well today the very next day her teacher once again told her that she was doing and saying inappropriate "things". After being totally appalled at her lack of thought, I decided to enlist her peers help. I made her a shirt.

She isn't very happy about it. I hope it helps get our point across.


This chopper inspired pizza cutter is way cool. I like how they incorporated the hubless wheel designed by Franko Sbarro (not related to the Sbarro pizza franchise).


We started a new series at CORE on Saturday Nights. We already did the first lesson a few weeks ago and it was very moving. This series gets you to think about who you are. Click Here for More Info

Nintendo DS Lite

I picked up a Nintendo DS last night. Kirsten and I were talking about it and we purchased Brain Age 2 and MX vs.ATV Untamed. The brain age game gets you thinking. Kirsten loves it and spent quite some time playing it this morning. I'm hoping to pry it from her hands for a few moments to play the other game with my son.

Another KE5 Production

Winter Retreat 2008



This morning we made a decision to pack up and head home due to a large approaching snow storm. I'm looking forward to not thinking about the "retreat" for a few days.


So the Labyrinth was good. We had a shaky start. Kirsten and I had trouble getting everything set up quickly and we had some communication issues that were resolved. Needless to say doing something for the first time is always a learning process. When we do this again it will be that much better.

We experienced a fair share of drama amongst the girls this year. Some of them lost swimming privileges tonight. We are hoping that they make better choices tomorrow. We have discussion in about and hour or so. I'm hoping they let the drama die down. It's quite draining. I'm looking forward to my weekend off next week. I'll need it.


We are all settled into our rooms and have come to terms with our rooming assignments (drama). The kids are swimming and playing in the arcade. I spent several hours getting the Wii hooked up to a special tv (URGG). Some preograming in the 4 lcd displays in the room prevent anything from being hooked up to them. They brought me an old school tv. Sorry I didn't bring our projector and screen. Next year we will know how things work here. We will have our first highs and lows session in about a half hour.

Remember Her?

Remember that show trading spaces? It was awesome and everyone was talking about it. Then they canned Page Davis the host. I stopped watching along with 7 million other viewers. Well, TLC wants to regain that top spot so they are brining her back to Trading Spaces. I can't wait.

I'm glad the network came to their senses.

Recon CS-6 Mod

Well I removed the Air Restrictor and I took photo's of the inside of the blaster. Check it out. I suspect I increased the firing distance about 15% I'm considering another modification to the barel but I'm still thinking about how to do it. I'll keep you posted.

Super Walmart

Well the new Super Walmart opened today and I had to go check it out. I headed right to the toy department to see if they had the new N-strike Recon CS-6. To my amazement they had one. I grabbed it like a kid in a candy store. I've already test fired it and I'm not dissapointed. I have to take it apart and see if I can modify it. Here is a picture of this new nerf blaster. It has had a limited release and it isn't even listed on the website yet. I'm glad I found one.

I'm in love

I just watched the tour video of the new MacBook Air. This thing is really sweet. If I had the money I'd order one. I've been interested in changing over to mac for some time now. This ultra portable laptop makes me want to make the switch today.

Longshot Mod

I modified the fron pistol of the Longshot. In the photo's you can see how I drilled out the air restrictors. This mod increased the pistols firing power 5X. Awesome!

Longshot CS-6 Mod

I fanally modded my Longshot. Here is a short slideshow of my blaster and what I did. I uses Adobe AfterEffects to make the video.

Answered Prayer

Thank you to all who have prayed about my Cellulitus issue. My leg is healing. The swelling is down and the redness and tenderness have gone away. Can I here an AMEN!

Another video

Here is a video of higher grounds. It is low resolution from my cellphone.

Crazy Youth Group Movies

Looking Up

Things are looking up. It might be wishfull thinking but my leg doesn't seem as red as it did this morning. I'm hoping my cellulitus is going away. I managed to replace a bunch of hardware on my garage and it now works again. This morning there was no hot water. I guess the pilot light went out. I got a hot shower this afternoon and I'm a happy guy. I'm looking forward to youth group tonight. Please keep my health in your prayers.


My garage door is broken. Thankfully this isn't my garage door. One of the cables snapped and one of the pulleys disintegrated. My celulitis has returned and I'm restless at 1AM. Tomorrow I need to fix the door and hopefully score some antibiotics before I can't walk. Oh Joy!


I'm really tired of getting blown out of my chair by loud TV stations and commercials. Kirsten and I are going to start calling our local TV stations to get them to back off a bit on the volume. I saw a cloverfield trailer tonight that really scared me. I thought something hit the house. We were amazed that none of the kids got out of bed to find out what had happened. They need to regulate the volume, this is just ridiculous for something I pay for.


The Holidays have been fun and I've enjoyed them but know I need to get back to business with my fitness and dietary goals. I'm looking forward to eating healthy and getting my energy back. I'm also looking forward to spending time on my Elliptical machine.

Tuesday "My Day Off"

I've been getting caught up with CES (Consumer Electronics Show). I've been looking at all the cool electronic gadgets we will see coming out this year. The OLED TV's look pretty cool. The technology uses very little power and those that adopt the technology should see some battery life increase. The only device I saw so far that sparked my interest was the new Logitech One. My Birthday is Feb 17th incase you didn't know what to get me. My wife thinks everything I ask for is too expensive so here is another option, "Gift Cards"., Walmart.


So I'm looking for a place to eat lunch today and I noticed the Wendy's sign said "Taco Salad, $1.99 after 4pm". Am I the only person grossed out by this. Are the Taco Salads reduced in price because they are no longer fresh? Yuck!

Samsung launches new upconverting wireless home theater systems

Wireless has arrived! I'm waiting for the Blu Ray model.

Winter Retreat "Hype" Video

Logitech Harmony One

I'm still itching for a new remote for my home entertainment center. This one was released just today. It looks nice. Only $249. I know whats going to be on my wish list next year.


OK, Why? This cup was created for the office assistant to get your coffee right. You can rotate each metal band to specify your beverage request. I must ask why you can't get up and make your own coffee. Are you really that busy, I doubt it. Your just lazy. If you want this cup you should be ashamed of yourself. Oh yeah, it retails for $25 bucks.

UV-C Room Sanitizer

I can now experience clean air. This thing will clean your air of all kinds of harmful stuff. I love it! My Birthday is coming up, Hint Hint!

Check it our here.

Audio Mixing

I've been working on mastering some audio tracks for our Winter Retreat Labyrinth Multimedia Experience. We had several members of our church involved with the production of the guiding narration. These audio tracks will be layed over some meditation music and sound effects to make the final tracks. It should be done sometime next week.

Computer Freedom

I stepped away from the computer screen on Monday morning and took a few days off. We traveled up to Plymouth WI to spend time with Kirsten's family. We all had a nice time. I found out that the computer they had crashed. They were going to buy a new one and I just hate to see good equipment go to waste. I offered to repair and upgrade the old one. I ordered the parts tonight and the computer should be up and running next week.