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Benefit & Consequence

I've been thinking about Health and Fitness the last week, as I ate large plates of Thanksgiving food and leftovers. I'm sure many of you are still working on the leftovers wondering if this cycle of over indulgence will ever end. I got on the scale today and I'm feeling like something has to give. All too often we find the treats and temptation so enticing. We get pulled  into the "delight and satisfaction" they bring, for a time. Those treats continue to call our name and for some of us we give in. I personally found myself looking at the Benefits and Consequences of my actions this week.
My clothes are tighter, and that's not a benefit. The only benefit I could see from indulging was I didn't feel deprived. I enjoyed some great food with my family and we had a wonderful time together. But, as always I became tired and sluggish. I've skipped a few workouts and we haven't even hit Christmas yet. YIKES! I had a conversation with a good friend this…

Atlanta 50

So many of you know I like to challenge myself. Before this year of back injuries and surgery I ran and had planned to compete in a triathlon. I've had to scale back on the workouts and to be honest this year hasn't been my best. What I know is I've pressed on and I continue to make efforts to push myself. Today's challenge will be interesting. I've been thinking about climbing all 50 stories of steps in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for over a week now. It will be a workout and I'll do my best to complete this challenge. My prayer today is that God helps me go as high as this body will allow. As I challenge myself today I ask you to also press on and do something out of your box. I your at the gym push yourself and be proud of a new
Accomplishment. Maybe today you will go that extra mile to talk with a friend or to restore a relationship. Whatever it is you're lead to do today know you're not alone. God is with you as you take new steps and reach hig…

NYWC 2011 Retreat/Training

Today was our first day of the conference. We started with brief stop at starbucks. This is a picture of me inline. We then walked several blocks to the underground. It was basically a mall. We grabbed a few souvenirs and grabbed a bit of sushi for lunch. We then began a session of spiritual retreat with Mark Yaconelli.
Both Kirsten and I are recharging our Youth Ministry batteries. Much needed time away.