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Five Finger Discount

So I’ve dealt with the topic of stealing for a long time in my Ministry. Youth steal music and computer stuff quite regularly. No matter how much I convey what God wants us to do, many of my students choose to do the wrong thing. This week the theft that permeates my students lives was very present and in my face. I had a student go Christmas shopping (lifting) at Wal-Mart. Although many kids are tempted by getting something for nothing I was sure this child would never do this. I’m disappointed with the choice this youth made, very disappointed.
I’ve been thinking about this for several days and this morning at breakfast I was talking with Kirsten about poor choices we had made as teens. I thought it was interesting and decided to share my thoughts about theft here on my blog.
It’s not what you get it’s about what you give.
This holiday, Christmas, is about the gift given to us through the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. We give gifts to each other to remember it is Christ’s birthda…

The Snowcuzzi

So today I decided to play with the kids in the snow. I put on my heart rate monitor and figured I would monitor and log the workout. This was officially the best workout I’ve ever had. I burned 2445 calories in 2 hours and 45 minutes. It’s hard to see from the picture but the inside of this snow structure has seating. The top is open so we can look at the stars tonight (I haven’t figured out the igloo thing yet!). It is about 4 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter. Its the biggest I’ve ever done. The kids were a huge help.