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Fun Stuff

We are doing the Labyrinth Multimedia Experience tomorrow at church. Some of the youth came in this afternoon to give me a hand prepping the site and cleaning up.

The last few meeting I have been teaching the kids how to airbrush. I have to say, they really like it. I'm hanging the art they make in the North Wing ceiling.

Each piece of art will represent an event or experience from the HELIX youth program. I'm hoping to go back to the date I started so that the ceiling becomes a time line of events past.

Boyd Coddington

It's a sad day for us Hot Rod fans. Boyd Coddington has passed away. He and his creations will surely be missed.

2008 VBS

Hosted by St. John UCC on July 20th-24th

Can we count on you to help this year?

Wall Art

The Jr. High started to work on a wall mural several months ago and it was a "worthy" first attempt. I recently repainted the wall to give the art another shot. Several of the students transfered the words to the wall and we all began to paint the main word, RESPECT. I'm hoping to teach the Jr. High student how to stencil and airbrush the rest of the words. Should be lots of fun.


Youth Ministry isn't a piece of cake. Sometimes you have to keep all the youth for an overnighter. This video made my day.

Kenmore Progressive Upright

We bought this vacuum this morning. It is super quiet and it has an intelligent cleaning feature that senses the amount of dirt passing through the vacuum and adjusts suction as needed. It has a high green rating due to this intelligent cleaning mode. It also sports hepa filtration. Something my dust allergies appreciate.

Click here to see how green your vac is.

Clean Keyboard

I cleaned my keyboard tonight. It took me about two hours. I popped off all the keys and vacuumed the base. I then used clorox wipes to wipe out any gunk. I also wiped off each key. That was fun (not really). I have to say my keyboard was way grosser than I thought it would be.

I also want to say Knight Rider was awesome last night. I can't wait for the series to start.

TONIGHT !!!!!!

I can't wait for the new Knight Rider movie tonight.

My Birthday Gift

Kirsten got me the new Logitech Harmony One remote control. This thing is so sweet. I programmed it on the computer and now it has one button control of different tasks. If I want to watch a dvd, it turns on the dvd player sets up the tv on the right input and can turn on any other devices needed to perform that task. I touch the watch PVR button on the touch screen and it turns on the cable. I also have full control of all of my devices down to the most obscure actions. (ZOOM)(3D View)

Warped! Valentine

Happy Valentines Day Kirsten

Nerf & Wii

Nerf's latest creation is both a Nerf dart gun and I Wii accessory. It's definitely on my list.

New Youth Calendar

Click on the image to load the March Youth calendar.

Motorcycle Art

I found a website today that had some cool motorcycle art on it. This reminds me of the motorcycle I made out of a stick of RAM and some computer fans. I even attached a battery that made the fans spin. CLICK HERE



My Birthday

My birthday is next Sunday. Night Rider begins that night so you know where I will be. Check out my B-day List to see what I'm wishing for. THE LIST

Painting Ceiling Tiles

In the past my youth group has created art for the walls of the youth lounge. This year we are leaving the current art on the walls and we are painting ceiling tiles. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with. Should be fun.

What I'm Reading

In an effort to regurgitate what has already been said before about leadership Murphy writes an interesting book worth reading. I'm intersted in reading one of his other works, titled, "Creative Excellence".

No HELIX, Worship Services or Traveling

We are getting hit with quite a good snow storm. The kids went out to the from lawn and were getting there legs stuck in the 10 plus inches of snow. It is still snowing and from the looks of the radar images we will be getting a bunch more snow tonight. We have canceled all activities at the church tonight. The roads aren't safe to be on right now.

TOMS Shoes

So I came across this company TOMS shoes that gives one pair of shoes away to people in need, for every shoe they sell. I'm thinking about doing this Style Your Sole party thing at church. It would be fun.