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Man Up

I'm not sure my blog title is very PC but I feel like I need to be a better man. You know when a dude is being lazy or complaining , some people say "Man Up". It sounds a bit sexist to me but for this post lets just say I want to be more of man, father and husband. For the last several years my life has been all over the map. I've had this bad back now for a few years and I'm trying to adjust to its limitations. It's been a challenge. I've gained most of my weight back and that truly hasn't helped me physically or mentally. This week I returned to leading my Christ First Weight Loss group. It's time for me to work through my issues. I've been refocused on other areas of my life and I'm committed to working on me again. My first challenge for the week arrived when I stressed by back trying to us an Xbox Kinect. I figured it was movement I could control and it was better than sitting around. Well, I must have moved too much. I was just wavin…