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Confectionery Coma

For the last few weeks the Holidays have been tempting me. I've had cookies and candies and all sorts of crazy food items that have no nutritional benefits. All they gave me was tighter clothes and a tired feeling all day. A few days ago I decided enough was enough. I had been planning to start doing thing right after the holidays but to be honest I've already done enough damage. I need to go back to my healthy habits. The confectionery coma I've been in has come to an end. I've decided to stop waiting for tomorrow and do something about it today. I know many of you have thrown in the towel on health and fitness until 2012. If you need to make a change why not today? Temptation will always be at your door, Christmas and New Years is just another "Excuse". I'm tired of making excuses for seeking my own will instead of God's will for my life. All too often people just don't understand the struggle I go through with food. No words can make them under…