Homemade Almond Butter

So I've been on this crazy health kick and I heard that peanut butter has some toxicity. If your interested in doing the research just Google it. If not enjoy that PBJ, you only live once. I heard this and thought, are there other options. Is there a better choice I could make? I heard on Digg Nation that Almond Butter was delicious and full of antioxidants. So I thought I should try it. After looking at Walmart, Sullivans and Cubs we managed to find a 12oz jar for $8. I enjoyed it but I eat it every day. So I tried to make my own about a month ago but it just wasn't creamy enough. I did some more research and managed to make Almond butter with no added ingredients. That's right folks, Sodium free. Take a look at your peanut butter jar and tell me how much sodium you find per serving. If you decided to chart your sodium intake I bet you would be surprised. I know I was. It took alot of sacrifice to get my sodium under control. My homemade Almond butter is helping me enjoy the new choices I have made.

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