First Day of Vacation

Well, We are having a good time. It was a stressful morning though. We went to pick up an I-Pass device and we found out that our rental van had toll Violations on it to the tune of $87. The toll way customer service center at the Belvidere Oasis decided that because  we were driving a rental and didn’t have our personal car with us that he couldn’t sell us an I-Pass device. I got a little miffed at Enterprise and decided to see if I could get them to straighten the situation out. After three calls I headed back in to just pay the fines on the rental and get my I-Pass device.

I figured I could get Enterprise to credit me for the trouble at the end of my trip. I went back to the toll way Service counter and the gentlemen at the counter refused to let me pay someone else's toll violations, out of principal I suspect. He was astonished that I was even considering it. He then said get me your personal license plate number and I'll set it up on your car. I had a neighbor get my license plate # (i had no idea what it was). I set it up and was on my way. One note to mention in my conversations with Enterprise, they instructed me to blow the tolls. I told this to the toll way personnel and they were appalled. so was I. Kirsten did manage to get a hold of someone who gave a rip and they agreed that we would settle the issue when we returned to Freeport. Luckily I didn’t have to pay the toll violations. Crazy!! Well, we managed to make it into the pool here in Maumee, OH. We had fun and I had a workout. I’ll be working out on the Elliptical in the morning.

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