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kevin eckert

Many of you have read my blog posts for some time and know that I have been on a long journey. One that hasn’t ended but is changing. The changes in my life have been gradual over the last two + years and these changes have given me the ability to do some stuff I’ve always wanted to do. One of those things was to ride the Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. image1

My size limited what I was able to do and that lead me down a dark path inside. I had given up hope. I accepted my size and decided food was my friend. I ate everything. Food was my drug of choice. Today I’m making better choices. Each day I work to make Christ the focus of my life. I reach for God’s will in my life and I have to say, His way is full of hope for tomorrow. I didn’t feel that before I started to turn my eating habits over to God.

Maybe your like me or that person I used to be. Maybe you have lost all hope and are unwilling to give God full control of your life. I want to tell you today, that God wants for you to live an amazing hope filled life. It will take some commitment and dedication on your part but God will give you the strength you need to reach your goals. God has given me my freedom from the chains of my old ways. I’ve changed and you can too.

My journey isn’t over but it has changed again. I’m looking at fitness as fun and I enjoy working out now. I love how good I feel after a long run or a session of weight training. I’ve also begun to share what I have learned with others. I’m now leading three weight loss groups with my wife Kirsten. Through our Christ First weight loss groups we share with people just like us who struggle with weight and all it’s ugly chains. I like being able to support others as they begin this journey of life restoration. I’m glad I’m able to help others find freedom and hope, just like those who helped me begin my own journey of restoration.

“So what’s next” my wife says to me after a day of riding the roller coasters. I hesitated for a moment as all the possibilities flooded my mind. With God’s strength and guidance I’m capable of doing anything I set my mind to. So my answer was “ a triathlon”. I’m going for it next July.

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