Pet Peeve Rant

cute German Shepherd pup with a sad look Ok, Last night at 11pm the neighbor was knocking on my door. Someone let our dog Jake outside to do his business and no one waited to let him back into the house. This has happened so many times before. One time Kya left the dog out in a snow storm. Our dog has been picked up by animal control before as well. This drives me crazy.

When I let the dog out I wait at the door till he runs back. It’s not hard to let him back in. It just takes a bit of patience. 5 minutes tops. I’m so tired of my kids and Kirsten forgetting the dog. If you would like to give my dog a loving home, please let me know. My family just leaves him outside like the trash, hoping someone else will take care of him.

So why the rant? My neighbor has brought our dog to our attention for the umpteenth time this year. Then this morning The kids swear MOM left him outside again. I’m this close to rigging up some sort of electronic reminder that the dog is outside. How ridiculous is that. NO MORE PETS! I’m done with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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