Healthy Choices

casserole-ck-1545795-x Kirsten and I were talking last night about how others around us perceive our decision to eat health. I would argue, that is, to eat properly or the correct way. God wants us to fuel our bodies and make them the best they can be. When others see me choosing food I can eat while avoiding the other options available they almost turn there nose up at me. It really bugs me. For all you folks out there who give friends and family a hard time for being healthy, listen up.

Would you serve alcohol to an alcoholic or would you find that socially unacceptable?

Would you serve meat to a vegetarian?

If you knew a guest was on a Dr. prescribed restrictive diet, would you try to accommodate there needs? (Crohn’s Disease, Allergies, ect….)

My gut reaction is of course you would take action to make sure your guests could eat what you prepare. Then there are those of us who are making a choice to do the right thing and eat healthy. Many look at us as though we are asking too much. To all you people who think I should eat what is served, no matter what: Sorry! It’s not going to happen. I like Organic Meat, Produce and Fruit. Keep your chemical soaked, cancer foods for yourself. I like health food choices that don’t include Pies, tarts, goulash, casseroles and whatever else came from a can or the chemistry lab.

It bugs me that others who are trying to make healthy choices have to navigate these type of situations. It’s often so political and I see them buckling to there temptations. They don’t want to hurt feeling or to ask for special concessions. I say forget about asking and broadcast your needs before you show up. Let people know your doing the right thing and you demand respect for the choices you are making. Part of that respect is serving food all your guests can and should eat. OK, I’m being overly dramatic so hold off on the hate mail. I’ll just delete it anyway.:)

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