God's Calling

Seasons come and go, whether we want them to do so or not. It is far better to adapt to colder temperatures with heavier clothing rather than to wish for summer and shiver. How often people resist the change of seasons and remember with longing the way things used to be!
We can learn something from the birds. They know when it is time to migrate. They are called to the South and months later, they are called to the North.
Even the stork in the sky
knows her appointed seasons,
and the dove, the swift and the thrush
observe the time of their migration.
But my people do not know
the requirements of the Lord. Jeremiah 8:7

In the same way, you may experience a change of season regarding your call that requires a migration and adaptation to the new demands. A migration for you may or may not be geographical, but a move to another mindset or function is necessary.
Did God call you to your current job? To a particular ministry? Are you still called?
I’ve wrestled with this nagging feeling concerning my Christ First weight loss group for over a year now. We have helped many people start a journey of health for the last three years now and Both Kirsten and I are feeling that God has been nudging us in a different direction. Kirsten and I spent time talking about what we were called to do with this ministry and we agreed at this time it is best to pass the reigns on to someone new, Someone with fresh perspectives, and someone who God is calling to continue this ministry.
Is it Abandonment? Desertion?
Change is not always easily welcomed or understood, especially when it comes to church. Christians may struggle with the idea that a change in function may appear to be abandonment of the call, when actually it is the call itself that has changed.
My call to St. John UCC has not changed. My call to continue leading this CF ministry has. I ask that each of you, whom have participated in this ministry, please pray about this ministry and that God nudges that new leader into place. Kirsten and I will always be supportive and we will facilitate the new leaders needs for supplies and advice. We are not deserting our current groups or in any way abandoning them. It’s time for us to step aside and let new leadership pay it forward.
I started this ministry three years ago because of my passion for health and helping others. I pray as you consider stepping to this new role that you're open to God’s Calling. You will be amazed how rewarding it is to serve others and to know you are making a difference in the lives of those who desperately need this lifestyle change. 
Consumed by the Call,
Kevin T. Eckert

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