What Next, Papa

What next, Papa is taking on a new meaning for me this morning. I can't help but say it with a degree of sarcasm.
I've been writhing in pain all night wondering what's going to happen next. Seems like I can't do anything without injuring myself. What's up with that God? Shine some light on this for me. I put on a strong face but physically and more importantly emotionally, I'm broken. By nature I have a tendency to be negative. I do my best to fight it but after the last 12 months my hope is fading and I feel myself slipping into a dark place.
So God, please be working in me. I need this all to have a purpose even if it isn't obvious. I'm trusting something good will come from all this. I'll do my best to be patient but I'm needing your strength. I'm about out.

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