Atlanta 50

So many of you know I like to challenge myself. Before this year of back injuries and surgery I ran and had planned to compete in a triathlon. I've had to scale back on the workouts and to be honest this year hasn't been my best. What I know is I've pressed on and I continue to make efforts to push myself. Today's challenge will be interesting. I've been thinking about climbing all 50 stories of steps in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for over a week now. It will be a workout and I'll do my best to complete this challenge. My prayer today is that God helps me go as high as this body will allow. As I challenge myself today I ask you to also press on and do something out of your box. I your at the gym push yourself and be proud of a new
Accomplishment. Maybe today you will go that extra mile to talk with a friend or to restore a relationship. Whatever it is you're lead to do today know you're not alone. God is with you as you take new steps and reach higher heights today.
UPDATE: I made it to the top.

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