Out of Control

This week I’ve had the subject of control on my mind. You might know someone who is a control freak. They wont let anyone help or contribute because they fear it wont be just right or they think they can do it better than anyone else. I will admit, I’m a control freak. Most of my life I’ve criticized others for how things have been done or not done. In the back of my mind I’m thinking I could do it better. This might be some genetic trait or it could be how I was raised, I’m not sure. I do remember as a child my father saying “If you want it done right, Do it yourself”. Maybe you have heard that phrase before. Most of my life I just did it myself. Whatever it was that was most important to me. It was almost impossible for my to give control over to someone else. Now in my mid 30’s I know I can’t do everything better. I do have some specific gifts but I do my best to differ to others who are more wise. I do my best to listen to others and I challenge myself to allow others to control areas of my life and ministries. It’s not easy and I stumble (often). I ministered to a youth about 11 years ago who told me to “Not sweat the small stuff”. He saw how uptight I was and just how controlling I could be. His words have been firmly planted into my brain. Sometimes I have to take a step back and evaluate how important things and situations are in my life. I’ve been blessed by stepping back and letting God work in my life. I thought I was in control of my life as a young man but as most of you know, something was seriously out of control. My relationship with food was incredibly destructive. Over the last three years I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’ve grown. I’m stepping out of God’s way and actively seeking His guidance. Not always but I’m making a solid effort. For most things in life my way doesn’t work. But when we release control God steps in and truly blesses us. I believe most of the time my desires can pull me off track of what God wants for me. I’d rather eat a high calories fattening meal but I know that’s not honoring this body, Gods temple. Maybe food isn’t an issue for you, maybe you drink too much alcohol or you smoke like a chimney. Whatever you do, ask yourself who is in control? Is God in control or are you going rouge. I challenge you this week to ask yourself why you are doing what it is you are doing (or not). Make the change, step back and give God control of your life.

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