Reveal Yourself

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I’ve been going through a book entitled “ A Course in Weight Loss” By Marianne Williamson. I just finished chapter 4 today and I have to say, I love this book. It speaks to who I was, who I am and who I’m becoming. Today’s lesson was about allowing my real self to emerge. I’ve given myself over to the “dark side” so to speak, and that has created depression and shame in my life. Not to mention it was totally visible by looking at my 455lb being.

As I have been on my weight loss journey of rediscovering who I am, I’ve been allowing the real me to be seen. I’m happy and truly enjoying what life has to offer. I’m setting goals that are healthy and challenging. In lesson 4 we were challenged to allow our thin selves to be revealed. I’m in the process now. One of the activities we were given was to find pictures of what we want our perfect self to look like. I’ve been doing this practice for some time and today I wrestled with it a bit. I’ll never look like a body builder with smooth skin. I’ll never look good with no shirt on (excess skin). I’ve accepted that fact. But for the purpose of the exercise I picture myself at the best physical condition doing the activities I love. shadow_of_mountain_bike_rider

I may never be the perfect specimen with the amazing body but my spirit is in a great place now. God has been at work in me and I see what he has been working on. I’m flawed like the rest of us but God continues to use me in this broken state all the while restoring me to His perfection. It’s amazing the blessings God has given me. It is humbling to be sitting here writing this knowing just how much God loves me. I pray today you find God’s love  and seek His will for your life and health. “Expect a Miracle” He will deliver.

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