40 Pound Challenge

ScaleJust the other day I was sitting at dinner with my family from NJ and I challenged my younger brother to a 40 pound weight loss by Dec. I thought he wasn’t going to take me seriously but to my surprise he accepted the challenge. I really needed a push to take my weight loss further and my brother has always been willing to help push me.  My brother has stopped working out in the last few years and he expressed a desire to get back to working out. I thought this challenge would be a great kick in the pants for both of us. I’m going to post my progress each week on Facebook to keep the pressure on. I need to be accountable for all I do and eat. I know how important it is to be accountable to someone when trying to change old habits. Even after two + years of discipline I make bad choices from time to time. These bad choices can snowball into days and even weeks of unhealthy living. I’m ready to make the next push towards my final weight loss goal. With Gods guidance and my Facebook friends watching, I know I can succeed.

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