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So I’ve dealt with the topic of stealing for a long time in my Ministry. Youth steal music and computer stuff quite regularly. No matter how much I convey what God wants us to do, many of my students choose to do the wrong thing. This week the theft that permeates my students lives was very present and in my face. I had a student go Christmas shopping (lifting) at Wal-Mart. Although many kids are tempted by getting something for nothing I was sure this child would never do this. I’m disappointed with the choice this youth made, very disappointed.
I’ve been thinking about this for several days and this morning at breakfast I was talking with Kirsten about poor choices we had made as teens. I thought it was interesting and decided to share my thoughts about theft here on my blog.
It’s not what you get it’s about what you give.
This holiday, Christmas, is about the gift given to us through the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. We give gifts to each other to remember it is Christ’s birthday. This Holiday I hope you give the gift of love to those you care about and worry less about the trinkets and doo dads that cloud the truth of Christ’s coming and presence in our lives. The true meaning of Christmas.
If you steal it, was it really yours to give?
Taking something from someone who has so much more than you seems acceptable to many people these days. People justify their actions to the point of feeling good about their decision until! They get caught. Then the consequences of your actions Should be present on your heart.
What does that look like for me? Well as a child I remember stealing a Baby Ruth candy bar from the corner store. I got out the door jumped on my bike and almost immediately my soul was overcome with guilt. I dropped my bike and walked back into the store to return what was not mine. I was ashamed of my poor decision. Today I don’t see youth and others really caring about those they steal from or the effects stealing has on them. It’s often a joke to many of the youth. This saddens me and makes me realize just how much the coming of Christ is needed in the lives of the youth I minister to. Their minds are filled with “What about Me!” and “What did I get?”.
Today I pray that you focus less on that Ipod or that amazing gift you so desperately “needed” and focus more on the savior born. I pray that we all see Christ reborn in our lives this Christmas. I pray that his birth mark a new day in our lives. The beginning of giving instead of taking. Allow God to fill your soul this holiday and throughout the year. Allow God to provide all you truly need.

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