Fit For The King


I’ve spent some time reading through this resource and found some great pieces of information. I really like the commitment part of the book. You’re asked to sign a contract to honor the Lord’s possessions. You are one of His possessions. The day you asked Jesus to take the wheel, you gave yourself to him. We are temples of Christ. My temple is a little more shabby than chic. I know I need to be committed to restoring this temple for the Lord, whether it takes 40 days or 40 years.

One of my favorite pieces included with this 40 day faith based weight loss book was the DVD workout. Thomas Hundley has a great rhythm and really makes you want to workout with him. I’ll be trying the workout routine this week. I’ll let you know if it kicks my butt.

My Concerns about this book:

I have a couple. The calorie range of the days meal plan left me feeling hungry just reading it. I know men burn more calories than women but that isn’t accounted for in this plan. Some days of the week men will eat only 1200-1600 calories. To me that doesn’t seem sustainable long term. I also notice the last two days of this program included fasting for breakfast. That means your calorie range for the day would be 1000-1400 for those two days. Then after those breakfast free days you weigh in. Talk about a false result. I was also disappointed by the lack of what happens after the 40 days. I’ve been working al losing weight for far more than 40 days. 40 days is a great biblical reference but it seems like he forgot to encourage those in need to continue there efforts beyond the 40 days. His next book should be Fit for the King, after the 40 days and into the rest of your life.

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