The Raging Bull Took My Soul

So here is a little story about my past. Back in 2003 I was about 430lbs. Maybe more. I wasn’t really weighing myself so it’s a guess. My wife wanted to take her little sister to great America for a day of fun on the rides. I was excited because I totally enjoyed the rides as a teen. I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. Well, we went to the park and we waited in line for several hours to get on the raging bull ( I think). Well we got to the place where you sit in the roller coaster and I plopped into the seat. I didn’t fit. I pulled down on the harness hoping for at least one click. My brain was racing thinking oh lord now what do I do. Everyone is looking at me. I got up and was devastated, mortified. I think I left a piece of my soul on that ride. I know it sounds stupid but I’ll never forget that moment. Maybe you can relate in some way. Maybe you didn’t fit into a group or into a normal seat like me. I was changed that day. I remember feeling like I needed to leave the park all day. I was miserable. I tried to diet after that but for those of you who have battled the bulge you know what a never ending battle it is. I gave up for several years. At one point my parents wanted me to talk with others who they knew who struggled with health complication from obesity. They wanted me to get better. I told them I would die young. I’m sure they were appalled at me, at my attitude.

That was the summer of 2003 thru late 2007. I just didn’t care about my size my aches and going on any rides. I gladly bought two tickets on the air plane. Whatever. Well something inside me in late 2007 changed. I wanted to change. I needed to change. I tried to workout but the holidays hit and I just fell off the wagon. Till one day in March 2008. I saw a sign at my daughter’s preschool that said First Place faith based weight loss.

I knew I saw that sign for a reason. I went home and told my wife I wanted to join. I asked if she would do it with me because I knew we would make a great team. She was excited and that is were my journey of change began. We followed the program and with Gods help I was able to make some awesome change in my life. The group we meet with each week totally support my wife and I. It’s like a little family get together each week. They have heard my stories and at some point I mentioned I wanted to get back on the rides. Well, I just passed my 100lb mark and at a group gathering they gave Kirsten and I tickets to great America. I was blown away. I was overjoyed at how they honored my weight loss. It’s one of the most touching things to have ever happened in my life. I got all choked up. I honestly almost lost it. I’m going to get on that ride and I’m going to take with me what I left there the summer of 2003. I’m hopeful that all will go well and I’m able to ride. I will be checking in with guest relations prior to getting in any lines. Evidently they can test to see if the equipment will accommodate me. Even if it doesn’t, Yet, I will enjoy the day looking at what is to come when I get down to were I need to be. But if I can ride I’ll truly enjoy myself. I will take picks and write up the experience for you all to share in my joy.

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