Seriously Ridiculous NYWC

Today is our first day of the conference that included worship. We had some workshop hours yesterday and this morning. The workshops were ok. Worship was phenomenal. I’m seldom moved to emotions as I was these last few hours. It was as if God just said “It’s ok Kevin, Chillax”. I was completely flooded with the presence of God amongst and within us. It’s hard to describe but it was like slowly placing your hand in cold water experiencing the sensation as your hand enters the water. My guard, that is always up is aloud to fall to the floor and I become truly vulnerable with my peers (other youth workers). I completely trust them and know they “feel my pain”.
This year’s topic is “Seriously Ridiculous”. Kirsten and I saw signs that mentioned this theme and we were quite curious. This “Seriously Ridiculous” theme is like saying Crazy, Over the top, Awesome. God’s love for us is Seriously Ridiculous. The main thing we (youth workers) share in common is our love for youth. It’s Seriously Ridiculous.
Kirsten and I are having a great time meeting people. We are enjoying this time of education and recharging our ministry batteries. Frances Chan gave a very thought provocing sermon that I would love to share with you sometime. Ask me about it if your interested.
More info to come!

Oh Yeah! Mercy Me, and David Crowder Band ROCK!!!!

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