Uncharted Review

I've been excited to try this video game for the last couple of months. After I played MGS4 I heard about this game and I just needed to schedule the time to play it. I picked it up this week and thoroughly enjoyed the first 17 levels of the game. Then things got weird. The Zombies were released. I was on the run from them and they were quite nasty. I played for about 15 minutes with the zombies slaughtering me and then I shut the game off. I know I could have beaten them but I wasn't even interested. The zombies ruined this awesome game for me. I watched the final cut scenes online. The story ending was weak. If you don't mind battling monsters pick this one up. I really enjoyed the tactical shooter parts of the game and the hand to hand combat was fun as well. Puzzles were easy. I'm a sniper guy so getting to use a sniper rifle half way thru was a real treat. Give this one a try, its definately worth the price of a rental.

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